Our second location was almost impossible to open due to the pandemic. The determination of our staff allowed us to open not at 100%, but enough to serve our community in Saratoga.

We focus on infusing our Mexican and Vietnamese cultures with the drinks you know and love from our San Jose location. With an expanded kitchen, we added more of our specialized street foods here.



    Vietnamese Coffee Series

    Our Vietnamese coffee is slow-dripped coffee made with a traditional Phin filter. Our drip coffee is mixed with sweet condensed milk, yielding a strong, think, and creamy base for our drinks.

    Ca Phe Breve

    Our Vietnamese coffee over ice and half & half


    Thai tea and Vietnamese coffee, topped off with half & half is the perfect musical blend of sweet and bitter

    Dark Matter

    Our rich organic black milk tea with our creamy Vietnamese coffee. Great iced or hot

    Down to Earth

    Our organic, shade grown, Uji matcha combined with black Vietnamese coffee and milk of choice

    Horchata Series

    Dairy based – a cinnamon rice milk derived from our traditional Mexican family recipe, made with freshly ground cinnamon sticks and our house made rice milk.

    Horchata 101

    Our traditional Mexican family recipe

    Strawberry Horchata

    Our house-blend horchata with fresh strawberry bits


    A fusion of our roots in one cup, our house made horchata with Vietnamese coffee


    Our house-blend horchata topped with organic matcha

    Matcha Series

    Organic shade grown matcha from Japan. High in antioxidants. Always made to order in a chawan. This one takes time but it’s worth the wait.

    Matcha Sensation

    Our hand whisked to order Uji, Japan Organic Matcha sweetened and poured over ice, then topped with milk

    Strawberry Oat Matcha

    Hand whisked matcha over ice, fresh strawberries, and oatly milk sweetened to order

    Cold Brew Matcha

    Hand whisked matcha over ice sweetened to order. Not served with milk, but great with any fruit puree

    Fruit Teas

    Made with real fruit bits

    Mango Rose

    A light floral organic green tea that is cold brewed for over 24 hours, served with mangoes and strawberries

    Strawberry Hibiscus

    Heirloom hibiscus flowers grown in Oaxaca. Steeped to a strong flavor served with strawberries

    Strawberry Lychee Mini Mojito

    Jasmine cold brewed tea with fruit and fresh mint

    Passionfruit Sencha

    Japanese green tea with real passionfruit

    Lemonades and More

    Passionfruit Lemonade

    Strawberry Lemonade

    Strawberry Lychee Lemonade

    Watermelon Mint Lemonade


    • Honey Boba
    • House Made Grass Jelly (Vegan)
    • Aloe
    • Organic Chia Seeds
    • Crystal Boba
    • Lychee Jelly



    Popcorn Chicken

    fried in non-gmo rice bran oil

    Elote Fries

    a Mexican street food of fries topped with sour cream mayo, non-gmo corn, cotija cheese, cilantro, and cayenne pepper

    Elote Cup

    Street corn with cheese sour cream mayo, cilantro, and cayenne pepper

    Banh Mi Torta

    All tortas includes mayo, pickled daikon carrots, cilantro, cucumber, and jalapeno


    Cooked to order using five spice oyster sauce marinade on a toasted mayo baguette

    Inari Mushroom

    Sweet tasting vegetarian substitute

    Popcorn Chicken Sando

    Fried to order


    Made with Valrhona chocolate! Our flavors rotate daily, please ask our team for availability





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