“We use real ingredients, no flavored syrups or powders.”

We wanted to open a shop that sells the best organic ingredients for hand-crafted specialty drinks. The value and health benefits of tea is one of the reasons we want our customers to try our infused drinks and know that everything going into their body is pure and all-natural. We take pride in our service to bring a phenomenal experience for our customers.


The idea of a drink business started in early spring of 2014. We were creating drinks for parties with family and friends. There were lots of praise for our unique style of natural organic flavors. It inspired us to take a step further into this industry.

We wanted to be a pop-up business and part of the farmer’s market space. That led us to actually wanting to do more of a brick and mortar store and finding a home in the newly developed Vietnam Town plaza.

It was fitting to have signed a lease in the heart of ESSJ and giving us an opportunity to create our popular Vietnamese coffee and horchata drink staples. Construction soon started and a dream was on the way. The rest is history.


We continue to focus on serving our all-natural drinks and seasonal goods, but more importantly, serve and be involved in our community.